mardi 19 juin 2007

Tal Gur Design

"Tal Gur (b. 1962), a graduate of Bezalel’s Department of Industrial Design, 1996, became known in the last decade as one of Israel’s prominent designers in the area of plastic light fixtures and objects manufactured in the rotation technology. Part of the objects are produced as “home industry” in the studio at Kibbutz Gilgal in the Jordan Valley. Ever since he first embarked on his journeys to the Far East in 2000, particularly to Japan, Gur has been exploring various areas of craft in domains where design forms an integral part in a dynamic texture of life-culture. Gur’s present in situ environment was perceived while internalizing a process he dubs “erosion of goods” – an economic-social-political reality undergoing changes in the rules of world commerce: irregularity in the flow of supply of raw materials, the shifting of manufacturing areas to the Far East, transition from a working society to a production society, and the disappearance of no longer needed skilled craftsmen. Bowing encounters are woven in the exhibition into “working time.” The exhibition space teems with unidentified rustles. Abu Dawass, the broom maker from the village of Jiftlek (Jordan Valley, between Masoa and Hamra), is seen producing one broom in the course of three hours. “Abu Dawass time,” akin to the time of making an object in the rotation technology, is perceived as meditative time, “inefficient” in economic terms. In an age in which industrialists and manufacturers strive to increase the uniformity of goods, Gur persists on producing irregularity and poetic disparity in processes of industrial production and in processes of “home” production. " Info From Tel Aviv Museum website

The Haifa Museum of Art Curator: Daniella Talmor. September 2005.
Photos: Warhaftig Venezian Ltd

"Seven leading Israeli designers were invited to create their own installation especially for this exhibition. The final results of this challenge reveal the thin line that "separates" design from "Art" which now-a-days are in a quick inclination to merge. "A Matter of Taste" includes a modular table and three chairs, all made from plywood. Each unit of the modular table has six peripheral hexagonal surfaces with a central one in a lower position, connected to a single leg. Fifteen such units show one of several possible combinations of a monumental table that relates to the specific space of the installation. The ergonometric chairs have a rocking-chair base and a diagonal back that reaches far beyond the seat. Their head part is freely cut to give a wave-like cavities on its top, the seat resembles a frontally open box." From Tal Gur Design Website

J'aime beaucoup les projets très organiques de Tal Gur design. Voici deux aperçues de leurs expositions récentes.
I like the the very organic projects of Tal Gur design Studio. Here two seen of their recent exhibitions.