dimanche 10 juin 2007

Monika Weiss

Monika Weiss, Phlegethon-Milczenie III, 2006, Limited edition color print. Published before 1945 German classical literature and music, crayons, graphite, pigment, pencils, the artist. Courtesy the artist and Kunsthaus Dresden.

Monika Weiss, Lethe - Drawing Meadow (Stamford Project), 2005, Stills from video, color, sound, 11:37 minutes. Installation: Silk, graphite, pages from J.B. Bach's "English Suites" in Polish edition, artist's body, children and adults from The Mead School in Stamford, Connecticut.

Monika Weiss, Phlegethon-Miczenie II, 2005, Books printed before the Second World War, pencil drawings on pre-war book pages, crayon drawing on books, artist's body. Photo Hermann Feldhaus. Courtesy Lehman College Art Gallery, New York.

Je viens de découvrir cette artiste fantastique d'origine polonaise. Son travail de la performance et du dessin est facinant et très méditatif. Très inspirant!
I have just discovered this fantastic artist. Her work of the performance and the drawing is facinating and very zen. Very inspiring!

"During my actions my eyes are closed, I sometimes draw with both hands simultaneously, questioning the control of the eye and of the singular hand. I am in a state of maximal concentration. I experience a need to see or create an image, which becomes gradually visible through the lens of the suspended camera. The sound becomes louder, as if cutting through my body. To a certain degree that physicality of sound inspired me to impose on people a demand of silence. Silence allows for maximal focus, we become aware of the presence of our bodies. Similarly in the tradition of classical music concerts, there is this demand of silence, which opens the door to listening. The sound enters the body. A similar demand of silence occurs in temples as an expression of respect. " Interview selection from her website