dimanche 24 juin 2007

Paula Sanz Caballero

Paula Sanz Caballero, Reciclage, 2004

Paula Sanz Caballero, Flair Living, 2004

Paula Sanz Caballero, Flair Living detail, 2004

Paula Sanz Caballero, Aloisiuis Dream, 141 x 70 cm, 2005

Paula Sanz Caballero, Aloisiuis Dream detail, 141 x 70 cm, 2005

Magnifiques illustrations au rendu technique étonnant!
Splendid illustrations with astonishing technical result!

"Paula Sanz Caballero is a fabric artist based in Spani whose work elegantly combines the immediacy and sophistication of illustration and design with the high quality results that come from her hand-embroidered technique and careful layout." From her website