lundi 11 juin 2007

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

J'aime ce projet aux lignes et formes particulières.
I like this project with
particular lines and forms.

"In order to revive the idea of the ancient library that existed some 2000 years ago in Alexandria, Egypt, the Arab Republic of Egypt and UNESCO set out to build one of the largest libraries in the world. The library is to house a collection of books and rare manuscripts from the region. After winning an international competition including some 500 entries, Snøhetta was further awarded contracts for landscape and interior design. A consortium with Hamza Associates of Egypt was later formed and Snøhetta has lead the team throughout the planning and during the construction process. The project has received considerable notoriety since the initial design in 1989 and continues to be a strong symbol for international cultural awareness.

The most prominent characteristic of the new library is its circular, tilting form; rising from the ground to reveal massive stone walls carved with alphabetic inscriptions. The building’s light roof allows it to open toward the Mediterranean sea. Within the interior a great room, similar to libraries of previous centuries, opens up revealing the building’s form into the reading space. The reading space is developed in an original manner along terraces that conceal the limited access books, providing a new standard in library planning. Also housed within the building are other cultural facilities and a small school; to the exterior is a planetarium. Lastly the building is surrounded by a reflecting pool and large public plaza, connecting it to the city as a gathering place for contemplation and debate." From Snohetta's website