mardi 26 juin 2007


PAPER SPACE, 2005, design: Scott J. Franklin, flame retardant paper, glue, servos, conduit, styrofoam, LEDs, vibrating motors

"The objective of this exhibit was to create a breathing organism that would envelop the projects and viewers inside. Large bands of freshly made honeycomb were attached to a kinetic infrastructure that was suspended from the ceiling of the senior studio at Art Center. Wire-cut stryofoam "organs" were placed throughout the space. Touch sensors were located on both the organs and throughout the honeycomb, which communicated with each other through a microprocessor. When someone picked up an organ, the ceiling would contract like an intestine. Inversely when sensors on the honeycomb were touched, the organs would shake and illuminate. This created a cycle of interaction between the space and the objects and people within it." All information from Nondesign website.

BUBBLES, 2006, design: NONdesigns and FoxLin, Inc.

"This interactive installation is a spatially adaptable pneumatic environment at an urban scale. The installation consists of large air-bags or "bubbles" that inflate and deflate in reaction to the visitors coming to the site. As visitors enter and move through the installation, they must navigate the lightweight 8’ diameter spheres that fill the space. When the bubbles are bumped, sensors cause air to initiate a chaotic exchange of air between the spheres. When no visitors are present, the system will return to a state of equilibrium." All information from Non design website.

Installations étonnantes! Formes, les textures et l'interactivité...
Astonishing installations! Forms, textures and interactivity...