samedi 30 juin 2007

Ola Kolehmainen

Ola Kolehmainen, Between Three Spaces

Ola Kolehmainen, Space in between, 2006

Ola Kolehmainen, Composition around void, 2006

Ola Kolehmainen, Approaching void, 2006

Les photographies de Ola Kolehmainen ont quelque chose de magique et de simple à la fois. Une belle leçon de minimalisme.
The photographs of Ola Kolehmainen have some things of magic and simple at the same time. A beautiful lesson of minimalism.

"Minimalism is my great love. In my works I concentrate on what is essential in a space, building or structure, leaving out things that are unnecessary, which I call visual noise. The original forms of my subjects often contain many repeated elements, a single form or material, often the same, in large quantities. When three-dimensional forms of this kind are photographed they tend to become surfaces, planes. The visual cleansing of a theme, its representation in a large-format photograph laminated on acrylic will, however, produce a new kind of multidimensional image of reality.The removal of noise will make some themes almost abstract constructions. In the finished work their essence wavers between three-dimensionality and the plane. Where the surface of a work reflects from a certain angle the architectonic state of its surroundings, the viewing situation is shaped by the viewer’s distance from the piece, his or her perspective. The work is transformed from a mirror-like plane into an image, then into space, and again into matter. With the volume of the work I want to pass on to the viewer my own cathartic experience of space." Info from Galerie Anhava Website