lundi 18 juin 2007


SonUmbra, Concept & Design: Rachel Wingfield & Mathias Gmachl, Production: Mathias Gmachl, Sound design & software: Alberto de Campo, Production team: Camalo Gaskin & Dave Falconer, 2006

Belle idée par Vous pouvez voir SonUmbra en action sur leur site web.
Beautiful idea by You can see SonUmbra in action on their Web site.

"Loop.pH realized an initial version of Sonumbra as a responsive play space in Mowbray Park, Sunderland. It is designed to respond to the interplay and activity of the people orbiting the umbrella by casting a sonic shade of light.

The atmosphere of musical rhythms, harmonies and luminous patterns are composed by the visitors’ movement - either active or passive. The light emitting fabric of the umbrella is crafted into a lacework of many electroluminescent fibres. This latticed pattern is animated in concert with the generated surround sound and visually illustrates the visitors’ position within the constellation. Wandering unaware or actively gravitating towards Sonumbra each person plays a part and becomes a note in a unique composition of light, sound and space." Info From Web site