samedi 9 juin 2007

Mattie Iverson

Mattie Iverson, Plains No. 8, 24 x 36 inches, Oil on Panel, July 2006

Mattie Iverson, Serengeti Plains No. 1, 24 x 36 inches, Oil on Panel, 2005

Pour la lumière et la texture...

For the light and the texture...

"My work reflects my observations of natural landscapes, vast skies and wide-open spaces. In my previous series of paintings I relied on my memories of my travels to East Africa where I was obsessed with the feel of the skies, the bands of lines making up the horizon and the trees that connected the two. Using only a palette knife, my language is a process of layers. I balance soft colors with a rough textural surface in order to translate my observations into personal expressions. Pulling from my experience in photography, I create a feeling of looking through or beyond the surface, as sometimes there are things that can only be seen or felt through a soft focus. Feeling for a sense of balance, I capture the essence of those experiences in these paintings, my textural memoirs." From her website