vendredi 23 novembre 2007

Tommy Perman

Tommy Perman, European exchange : Finnieston, Glasgow

Tommy Perman, aberdeen gallowgate 1

Tommy Perman, Satelite building, Sheffeild

Tommy Perman, Mono Culture, artist's book

Travail multidisciplinaire très intéressant!
Very interesting multidisciplinary work!

''I am an artist / designer / musician based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I work in the fields of visual art, graphic design, performance, installation, sound and music. I try to view all my creative output on the same level and a great deal of my work concerns the boundaries between the fine arts, design and music. My work often combines traditional methods with new digital technologies and I divide my time between solo and collaborative projects.

I am a member of the artist collective / band FOUND and run a small independent record label called Surface Pressure Records.''

Sources: It's nice that, SurfacePressure

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