mercredi 14 novembre 2007

Gallery of computation by Jared Tarbell

Happy place

Happy place

Happy Place
renders the resulting configuration of a system of friendly nodes. They are connected at random with preferences to nodes closer. Connections between nodes are considered friendships.

Orbitals, radial

The Orbitals is a collection of particles operating on one simple rule: choose another particle in the system and orbit it with a fixed radius at a constant velocity. This is variation B (see Orbitals Variation A). In this variation, a single root particle is instantiated in the center of the stage. All other particles introduced to the system fall into orbit at some level.


Lines likes crystals grow on a computational substrate. A simple perpendicular growth rule creates intricate city-like structures.

Sand dollar
Sand dollar

The Sand Dollar is an iteratively constructed radial form using the Sand Stroke painting technique. A very high level of detail is achieved with backpainting each Sand Dollar several times. The radial form is constructed with a sweeping tree-like structure that oscillates as it moves clockwise around the origin. Attached to the tree in random locations are the Sand Stroke elements.

J'adore ce site, ce programmeur est un artiste! Des images étonnantes!
I adore this website, this programmer is an artist! Astonishing images!

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