mercredi 21 novembre 2007

Matthew Picton

Matthew Picton, Amsterdam, 2007

Matthew Picton, Baghdad 1944-2007, 2007

Matthew Picton, Milan 1832-2007, 2007

Matthew Picton, The Ganges (detail), 2007

Superposition de modificatons d'un lieu par la cartographie, j'aime l'idée.
Superposition of modificatons of a place by the cartography, I like the idea.

"Cartography has long played a central role in my work, featuring prominently in the cracked parking lot drawings and sculptures and the ocean floor sculptures. These new sculptures transform the two dimensional mapped image into multi-layered sculptures of the communication, transportation and river systems that comprise the current city. The “map” has been animated and transformed, the natural abstraction of the map extended into a work of art that is at once abstract and tangibly real in the same moment." Matthew Picton, September, 2007

Sources: Dear Ada, Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery

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