lundi 12 novembre 2007

Andes House by Chetwood

Andes House, Santiago, Chili, Chetwood

"This house’s location, a hilltop site nestled in the Andes foothills, sounds idyllic, but the surrounding environment is often harsh. Temperatures reach desert-like highs during daytime hours and then plunge below freezing at night. Due to the site’s remoteness, moreover, the house must be entirely self-sufficient and supply its own water and electricity. The house’s distinctive form provides solutions to these problems.

The form and function of Andes House mimics an alpine flower reacting to its habitat and climate, opening each day to soak up the sun’s energy and then closing as dusk falls to protect its fragile innards from the cold of night. In daytime, the house’s roof, an array of huge petals, opens upward and out to provide stunning views over the rainforest while shading the entire property and allowing ventilation. At night, the petals close, enveloping the extensively glazed façade, insulating the house and transforming it into a sanctuary."

Une maison comme une fleur...
A house like a flower...

Sources: Details, Architectural Record, Chetwood

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