dimanche 27 septembre 2009


Tviga, soundstills 0.00002

Tviga, soundstills 0.00002

Tviga, soundstills 0.00002

« For this body of work I went to an English wood to record different ’natural’ sounds, the ones unique to that landscape. Then I went to an equivalent location in my homeland, Russia and made 6 sculptural interpretations of the English sounds. These objects are manifestations of sound waves, and they float their tacit information in a similar, but very different landcsape. »

Tviga, soundstills 0.00001

«The white forms in these photographs are the sculptural manifestations of audio footage that was recorded along the border between Russia and Finland. Here the unique old-growth forests stand, The Green Belt of Fennoscandia. Recently these ancient trees are being logged for their valuable timber. There are only few remaining areas of ancient forest in Europe with the vast majority of the vanishing old-growth forests remaining are in the North of European Russia.

The soundwaves are actual objects, each is 6 metres high, reminiscent of the height of a tree, despite looking like digital intervention. I recorded them when the forest was still there. Then, when the trees had gone, I put the ‘sounds’ back to where they used to exist, sounds that look like trees that will never be heard again.

Interprétations sonores de paysages.
Sound interpretations of landscapes.

Sources: Antitect, Tviga

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