dimanche 27 septembre 2009

Alyson Shotz

Alyson Shotz, The Shape of Space, 2004, cut plastic Fresnel lens sheets and staples, 175 x 456 inches

Alyson Shotz, Allusion of Gravity (detail), 2005, clear glass beads and steel wire, 108 x 96 x 156 inches

Alyson Shotz, The Structure of Light, 2008, silvered glass beads on stainless steel piano wire and aluminum, 120 x 216 x 120 inches

Alyson Shotz, Thread Drawing #3 (Wave), 2008, thread and pins on wall, 120 x 300 x 2 inches

Gravité lumineuse.
Luminous gravity.

Sources: PYTR 75, Derek Eller Gallery

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