samedi 19 septembre 2009

Alexandre Lemire

Alexandre Lemire, Deconstruction, Inkjet Print, 30" x 40"

Alexandre Lemire, Formal Trajectory 2, Inkjet Print, 30" x 40"

Alexandre Lemire, Formal Trajectory 1, Formal Trajectory 2 and Deconstruction from the series "Pyramids", View of Installation

Alexandre Lemire, Silver and Black, Inkjet Print, 30" x 40"

“In the simpler regular polyhedrons, such as cubes and pyramids, one need not move around the object for the sense of the whole, the gestalt, to occur. One sees and immediately ‘believes’ that the pattern within one’s mind corresponds to the existential fact of the object. Belief in this sense is a kind of faith in spatial extension.” Morris, Robert. ‘Notes of Sculpture’, Artforum February 1967

"Dear Mr. Morris,
I've only seen photos of your work. I can't guess the scale of you sculptures. There aren't enough points of reference. I've made some artwork for you. There are some hints to the scale of the objects. But the objects don't matter. I don't remember if they were real. If they were real, they may still exist. Mr. Morris, I made you some photographs, sorry to disappoint.


Alexandre Lemire"

Formes et trajectoires.
Forms and trajectories.

Source: Alexandre Lemire sur flickr

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