mercredi 24 octobre 2007

Richard Sweeney

A series of sculptural works created through the cutting, scoring and folding of paper.

Installation of paper sculpture at the DKNY flagship store, Old Bond Street, London. The showcase was awarded as part of the New Designers DKNY award, 2006.

Paper sculpture inspiration

Belles formes blanches...
Beautiful white forms...

"As well as being driven by the material, the forms I produce are influenced by my keen interest in the photography of architecture and natural forms. Elements of repetition within architecture are very appealing to me, I’m drawn to the way structures can be produced with sets of repeating elements, each of which is simple in its own right, yet contributes to create a complex and rigid structure. This is most apparent in bridges, especially those of Santiago Calatrava, where form and structure become one; all the elements of construction are exposed and composed to create a beautifully flowing sculptural form."

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