vendredi 12 octobre 2007

Jessica Anh Mills

Jessica Anh Mills, Passing afternoon series, trace monotype, 2006

Jessica Anh Mills, And he said don,t look back, multiple-plate etching, 2006

Jessica Anh Mills, Speeding out, filed with dought, graphite and red iron oxide, shellack, 2006

Jessica Anh Mills, Every girl need..., graphite on bfk rive, 2006

Jessica Anh Mills, Radio tower lead me to my baby, graphite on bfk rive, 2006

Dessins rafraichissants et thémes très contemporains!!!
Refreshing drawings and very contemporary themes!!!

''Through intimacy in layering, the transparency of papers and meditative mark making the prints invite the viewer to enter into them. Invite the viewer to read into them in a similar fashion to his or her own approach to a favorite book. To react to them in a similar way to a song that could just break hearts. These images serve as evidence of the body’s imprint on land, of our constant dialogue with the environment that surrounds. The figure is at times serving as emotive indicator to the space that it is placed within, whereas in other pieces, the environment emotionally overpowers the figure. In others, the figure has disappeared altogether. Through use of one recurrent character and the idea of stepping back and stepping forward via the lens of the camera, the viewer is able to investigate this narrative.''

Sources : Begabung,

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