samedi 6 octobre 2007

Craig Kalpakjian

Craig Kalpakjian, Are You Feeling Better Now? 2006

Craig Kalpakjian, I'm In Love With The Modern World, 2006

Craig Kalpakjian, "Moonworks: Proposal for a drawing on the Moon, #1, Sea of Nectar (detail)"shown here with: Bottom Left: Nazca Lines, Peru / Bottom Middle: Michael Heizer, Circular Surface Planar Displacement Drawing, 1970 /
Bottom Right: Dennis Oppenheim, Relocated Burial Ground, 1978, El Mirage Dry Lake, California

Passage du temps vers le futur...
Passage of time towards the future...

Although they are often seen as institutional or bureaucratic, I prefer to call the places I depict simply 'shared' spaces. While I enjoy warmly and lovingly depicting things usually seen as cold and uninviting, the choice of these types of spaces also reflects my love of High Modernist architecture and International Style. These too are haunted by the aspirations and ideologies which are historically associated with them, as well as the futures envisioned around them.
Aren't we always haunted by the future?

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