vendredi 11 mai 2007

Tez Humphreys

Tez Humphreys, Anthem Magazine, Globalization in Music

Tez Humphreys, Happy Family, mixed media collage on canvas

Texture et réalisme des propos...
Texture and realism of the remarks...

"Ambitiously creative from a young age, Tez Humphreys was born in a small coastal town in North Wales. Drawing mainly faces, Tez had a sketchbook basically strapped to his left ankle, which has always been a daily vital importance to him. Later on while attending the University at Leeds Metropolitan, Tez attended the Ba Hons Graphic Arts and Design course, which really brought out the best in him. Here he found his strengths in composition, collage, and mixing with paint. He has a studio displaying found “kitsch objects”, and textured surfaces which he collects and believes that they “are all part of a subconscious cycle of events that one day everything will be used in a piece of work.” Tez is inspired by James Jean, and many masters dating back to the Pre-Raphaelites, traveling, and seeing everything as an inspiration. Always experimenting with different processes such as screen-printing, cut and past collage, photocopying, Photoshop, but mainly staying organic and textured, loving and letting accidents happen. Tez hopes to be globally recognized as an illustrator/designer, and would like to be a part of a multi-disciplinary studio, getting involved, and starting a collective. "
Extract taken from Carpul Tunnel Magazine 03/06 on his website