mardi 29 mai 2007

Lisa DeJohn

Lisa DeJohn, Poems Bring Happy

Lisa DeJohn, Ships in Fleets

Lisa DeJohn, Ships in Fleets

J'aime les formes, les matières et les texture. Belle créativité.
I like the forms, the matters and texture. Beautiful creativity.

"Originally a midwest girl. Born in Detroit Michigan and raised in Barrington Illinois. My mother, an artist, encouraged my creativity every day. My father, an avid outdoorsman, took me on many fishing trips and hikes. Always insisting that I look closely at the details in nature and that I sit and listen to the sounds of it.

I studied fine arts and sciences at the University of Oregon and then moved to Portland Oregon where I lived for ten years as a working artist. In June of 2005 I moved to a rural area in the North Shore of Massachusetts where I have continued my career as a painter, designer and mixed media artist. I am continually inspired by the natural beauty around my home." From her website