dimanche 20 mai 2007

Francesca Berrini

Francesca Berrini, Handendats Pt.,Torn Map Collage on Canvas,24in x 24in

Francesca Berrini, Slahzasta,Torn Map Collage on Canvas,7in x 5in

Francesca Berrini, Gebukhta, Torn Map Collage on Canvas, 24in x 24in

Les territoires recréés par Berrini m'inspirent... Quelle belle façon de jouer avec des cartes...
The territories recreated by Berrini inspire me... Which beautiful way of playing with maps...

"Francesca Berrini transforms vintage maps of places she has longed to visit into fine art maps of entirely new and imagined worlds. She obsessively tears up original vintage maps into tiny pieces, and then reconstitutes them, using a painterly process, into new maps and directional devices that reflect a longing for places unseen.

At first glance, from afar, Berrini's works look like a collection of high-quality maps and atlases with unfamiliar continents and geographic markings. As you examine the details of the maps a bit closer, and try to follow the geographic and geopolitical information displayed, you do a double-take as you realize that the maps themselves are actually constructed from miniscule pieces of other maps, forming new terrain, new geographies, and new names of places in entirely new languages. Berrini maintains the abstract language of maps, yet plays with our notions of their unspoken authority and overall usability. " From Veviza gallery website