lundi 7 avril 2008

Michal Budny

Michal Budny, Crumpled Letters, 2003

Michal Budny, Rain, 2004

Michal Budny, Air, 2003

Formes et fragments...
Forms and fragments...

''Michal Budny creates sophisticated, meticulous, reconstructions of objects and shapes taken from the immediate contemporary environment (postcards, advertisements, mobile phones, CD players etc.). Small, light objects made of cardboard and other kinds of paper, which is often yellowed with age, are strikingly noble and reserved in their nearly abstract form. It seems that we are dealing with timeless models of things, devoid of utility value that become the quintessence of form and time accumulated. In his recent works, Michal tries to cut out and glue together natural phenomena, which do not have a specific physical form, such as voice, rain or fog.''

Sources: Raster Gallery, Today and Tomorrow

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caroline Valette a dit…

Quel vrai plaisir à chaque fois de venir sur votre blog source d'images et de créateurs.