dimanche 2 décembre 2007

Yu-Chih Hsiao

Yu-Chih Hsiao, geometrical structure study

Yu-Chih Hsiao, Double spirale structure

Yu-Chih Hsiao, Twin

Yu-Chih Hsiao, Saarien dress

Yu-Chih Hsiao, A-Nest, 2007 degree show project, show in the Cranbrook Art Museum.collaboration project with doug johnston.

Belle recherche de formes.
Beautiful search for forms.

''Yu-Chih has developed his varied interests both separately and simultaneously for more than ten years through the fields of design, architecture and fine art. Recently he has set up the Design Laboratory which investigated how to use technology, materiality, pattern, structure and architectural tectonics, to weave his multi-directional process into contemporary social content.''

Sources: Yuji design laboratory om Flickr, Fffound

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Nathalie a dit…

Très beau blog, très stimulant de par les multiples créations montrées. Le travail de Yu Chih Hsiao est absolument magnifique. Merci !