jeudi 13 décembre 2007

Malin Abrahamsson

Malin Abrahamsson, "Home", 2003, Mixed media on paper

Malin Abrahamsson, Exurban Estate, 2006, Mixed media on canvas

Malin Abrahamsson, "Old School", 2003, Mixed media on board

Malin Abrahamsson, The skater, 2007, mixed media on canvas

J'aime les supperpositions de taches et de dessins.
I like the supperpositions of spots and drawings.

Except for a couple of birds or a dog or two, my landscapes are mostly devoid of living beings. But there are always traces of them; a car sits abandoned in the snow or at the edge of the woods, a mailbox casts long shadows in the afternoon sun, light poles decorate the sky of a quiet urban landscape, and a couple of dogs chase one another past empty houses in a field…

Sources: Dear ada, Malin Abrahamsson

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Anonyme a dit…

i enjoy very much Malin's works!!!