jeudi 6 septembre 2007

Leah Beeferman

Leah Beeferman, Gowanus: A Map of History, Fact & Fantasy, Double-sided map, ink and pencil on paper, 9"x12", 2005

Leah Beeferman, Kinetoscope, Interactive video installation, a collaboration with Michelle Higa, 2004-2007

Leah Beeferman, The Step-By-Step Process of Building a Landscape of Freshly Fallen Hills into an Industrious Winged City
Book, edition of 30, inkjet print on paper, hand bound, 5.5"x7"x7" (standing), 2006
Made from a series of 8 drawings (please scroll down), ink and pencil on paper, 11"x14", 2006

J'adore les paysages inventés de Leaf Beeferman ; son travail est varié par la forme et très constant par son propos.
I adore the invented landscapes of Leaf Beeferman ; his work is varied by the form and very constant by its matter.

''In my work, I transform elements from my surroundings into interconnected, fantastical landscapes. By removing these structures and objects from their familiar contexts and making them interact, I redefine their roles and relationships. I assemble these objects—individually enlivened by imagination and focused research—into a variety of scenes. There, the real and unreal resemble and reflect one another.''