samedi 29 septembre 2007

José Parlà

José Parlà, Exchange of space, mixed medias on wood

José Parlà, Deplacement of location, mixed medias on wood

José Parlà, Accident & History, mixed medias on wood

José Parlà, All moi Love, mixed medias on wood

José Parlà, Brother back to back, tar and oil paint on canevas

De magnifiques tableaux... Textures, couleurs, mélange des médias...
Splendid painting... Textures, colors, mix of medias...

Born in Miami into a family of Cuban exiles, José Parlá moved to Puerto Rico at a very early age before returning to Miami again when he was nine. He currently lives and works in New York, and only recently traveled to Cuba for the first time. His life, like his work, is therefore at once extremely particular and generally reflective of the wanderings of today's urban populations. In the context of these migrations and upheavals, Parlá is concerned with the way that cities function as palimpsests, upon which the experiences of those who pass through them are materially inscribed in decay, in writing, in the well-worn paths of their inhabitants. Parlá's work attempts to extract and synthesize fragments of these urban environments in flux and reproduce them using the materials and methods of architectural construction: cement, wood, vinyl as well as those of traditional art like paper, paint, powdered dye, wax, and ink. Yet because these fragments are inflected by the memories and experience of the artist, he considers them to be paintings in sense that is probably truer than one that refers merely to the physical presence of pigments and oil. Parlá describes the object of his method as segmented realities or memory documents. Leading these ideas to form a personal philosophy of his work he calls Contemporary Palimpsests. Each painting bears the name of the location or experience from which it draws its source.

Sources : Moon River,

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moon a dit…


i visited your art site and love your 'Topographie du ciel' and all of your Mapping projects!

do you exhibit your art?

Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret a dit…


I am very interested in Topography and cartography. The organic lines fascinate me.For the moment, I exhibit my works in Quebec (Canada) and in the United States in group exhibition. More information on Le Cahier Virtuel under the category Expositions et Événement...
Thank you for the good comments.

Je m'intéresse beaucoup à la Topographie et la cartographie. Les lignes organiques me fascinent. Pour le moment, j'expose surtout mes oeuvres au Québec (Canada) et aux États Unis dans des expositions de groupe. Plus d'information sur le Cahier Virtuel sous la catégorie Expositions et Événement...
Merci pour les bons commentaires.