samedi 25 août 2007

Noriko Ambe

Noriko Ambe,Sculpaper 1, 2006 (detail) , 2006, Cuts on Housho-shi paper, pedestal

Noriko Ambe, Cutting Books in Tokyo Series, 2003,Cuts on white books,Sizes vary

Noriko Ambe, LACP "Animal Tracking" 2004, Cuts on a book of "The Art of Animal Tracking"

Noriko Ambe, LACP 12, Encyclopedia ''Geographie of the world 2'' detail, 2003, Cuts on an encyclopedia

Noriko Ambe, LACP 12 "A Book of Anatomy" (detail), 2002,Cuts on a book of "Anatomy of a Human Being"

Les livres modifiés et les sculptures de papiers découpés de Noriko Ambe sont fait avec précision et sensibilité... Des oeuvres habitées...
The modified books and the paper sculptures of Noriko Ambe are made with precision and sensitivity... Inhabited works...

''So to speak, I have been mapping the mysterious land between physical and emotional geography. I want to attain something sublime. The entrance of the way is detail. The detail is the key point of nature, and we are part of nature. Even though the actions are simple, I do not try to draw / cut mechanical or perfect lines in my work, for subtle natural distortions convey the nuances of human emotions, habits, or biorhythm. For this reason, I take care to make all works by hand.'' From artist website