vendredi 13 juillet 2007

Meghan Gerety

Meghan Gerety, Daylight, 2005, 32 " x 72", pencil on clayboard panel

Meghan Gerety, Thru The Looking Glass, 2003, 69" x 52.5", pencil on Fabriano watercolor paper

Meghan Gerety, EvenTide, 2003, 69" x 52.5", pencil on Fabriano watercolor paper

J'aime les arbres l'hiver... Ils sont nus sans leur feuillage...
I like the trees in winter... They are naked without their foliage...

"The contemplative nature of Meghan Gerety’s work reflects both her practice of Eastern philosophy and her immersion in the history of modern and contemporary painting. The subject of her work is the landscape. Based on photographs, collected from her travels, her landscapes fuse the exploration of inner-self with the gestural energy of action painting. Inspired by Eastern philosophies, Meghan’s work plays on the notion of time, whereas any manual or intellectual work that brings a person out of his/her state of passivity is part of the process of Enlightenment. In addition to its embrace of Eastern practices, her work also recalls the work of the Abstract Expressionists and contemporary artists such as Brice Marden. Serving as an arena for this union of East and West, her self-reflective landscapes are constantly changing. Fusing the spiritual with the physical, they depict a world which is real but not realistic; a meditative space unburdened by gravity or perspective: a place of balance and harmony
." From Artiste website