vendredi 10 avril 2009


Mos, The Floating House is the intersection of a vernacular house typology with the shifting site-specific conditions of this unique place: an island on Lake Huron. The location on the Great Lakes imposed complexities to the house's fabrication and construction, as well as its relationship to site. 2004

Mos, 1 of 100 houses in Inner Mongolia China, part of a compound of houses by 100 young architects from all over the world selected by Herzog and DeMeuron. Located within an extreme desert climate , our proposal is based upon a traditional Courtyard House typology combined with parametric solar chimneys, allowing for passive cooling in the summer and passive heating in the winter. 2008

Mos, a sustainable non-profit Teen Center in Lowell, MA. 2007

Projets en Architecture.
Architecture projects.

Sources: Ffffound, Mos

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il s'agit là en effet de très belles photos de très belles maquettes