jeudi 15 mai 2008

The infinite library

Contents: Marcel Jaquet, Lanzarote, 1981 with prints of Gerhard Appel, Projektionszeichnungen und Darstellende Geometrie
Grothus Verlag, Kassel, 1956

Contents: Jukes Roger Sauter,Brasilien - Paradies der Edelsteine, Fotografien von Harold & erica Van Pelt, 1982
Rudolf Pfister, 150 Eigenheime, F. Burckmann Verlag, München, 1932

Beau projet!
Beautiful project!

The Infinite Library is a project by Daniel Gustav Cramer and Haris Epaminonda

'The book objects (...) are each made from pages of existing books removed from their bindings and rebound as one. Some of these series loosely relate to each other via a third element: geometrical shapes abstracted from the images, computer-edited, and overprinted on the originals. The disparate image stocks become intertwined and open on one another. Having transcended any thematic organization, the loose pages now have the potential to amalgamate into an infinite number of new books. In so doing, they yield a library that defies conventional categorization.'

sources: gycouture, The infinite librairy

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