mardi 19 février 2008

Simon Heijdens

Simon Heijdens, Lightweeds

Simon Heijdens, Lightweeds

A living digital organism growing onto an indoor space, through which the space regains the natural timeline that it has walled out. Uniquely generated plant families that grow up, move and behave closely depending on actual sunshine, rainfall and wind as measured live outside. On passing human traffic they bend, loose their seeds and pollenate to other walls throughout the space, to make up a constantly evolving wallpaper that reveals the character of the space and it� use.

Simon Heijdens, Reed

A group of elements that overgrows objects and areas in a space providing both lighting and covering to make muted spots inside a room. The reeds translate outside nature to the indoor space, by slightly waving when a windgust passes the building, as measured by a windsensor that is connected to the reeds. The wind traveling through the reeds has a speed and intensity precisely depending on the force and direction of the windgusts that rise up and lay down throughout the day. The space becomes subtle in spring, intense in autumn - the space regains the natural character that it has walled out.

J'aime le travail de cet artiste de la lumière.
I like the work of this artist of the light.

Sources: The style files, Simon Heijdens

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