vendredi 30 novembre 2007

Alex Cherry

Alex Cherry, Aenema

Alex Cherry, Submission complete

Alex Cherry, Television rules the nation

Alex Cherry, How to disapear completely

Des images surprenantes!
Surprising images!

Sources: Winter Sleep, Of Sound and Vision

Greg Lendeck

Greg Lendeck, Hive

Greg Lendeck, Cells 1

Greg Lendeck, Subatum

Greg Lendeck, ah+1

Greg Lendeck, Grove

Subtilité et transparence...
Subtlety and transparency...

Sources: Dear ada, Wax paper cutout album Flickr

Sophie Arnold

Sophie Arnold, Looking up, lithography

Sophie Arnold, Grey and Oatmeal, lithography

L'architecture minimale : lignes et formes.
Minimal architecture: lines and forms.

Sources: Modern Craft, The fine art company

Loan Nguyen

Loan Nguyen, Mobile (série), 2000-2005

Loan Nguyen, Mobile (série), 2000-2005

Loan Nguyen, De retour (série), 2005

Loan Nguyen, De retour (série), 2005

De magnifiques photographies où le vide et l'attente prend tout son sens.
Splendid photographs about vaccum and waiting.

Sources: Fffound, Madameloan

jeudi 29 novembre 2007

Light emiting Wallpaper

Juste une image...
Just an image...

''With Jonas Samson's high-tech light-emitting wallpaper it's possible to use a two-dimentional flat surface as light source instead of a 3D object. As long as the wallpaper is turned ‘off’, it is indistinguishable as a source of light. ''

Sources: Fffound, Jonas Samson Design

Matthew Shlian

Matthew Shlian, Macros, paint pen, ball point pen, marker, contact paper,19 x 36 inches 2007

Matthew Shlian, Four years later, pen, pencil, sharpie, paint pen on vellum 19 x 25 inches 2007

Matthew Shlian, Xu bean nigthmare, pen, pencil, sharpie, paint pen on vellum 19 x 25 inches 2007

Matthew Shlian, Light book, cut vellum 8 x 8 x 1/2 inches 2004

J'aime pour la ligne, les formes et la déconstruction de l'image.
I like for the line, the forms and the déconstruction of the image.

Sources: Winter Sleep, Matthew Shlian

mardi 27 novembre 2007

Sérigraphie Cinqunquatre

Alice Jarry, sérigraphie sur bois, 2006

Alice Jarry, 2006

Alice Jarry, Bateau II, 2006

Jason Cantoro, Knock out, 2004

Jason Cantoro, Nouveau pirate, 2004

Jason Cantoro, CSBNY, 2006

Autre découverte à Expozine: Sérigraphie Cinququatre. Ces deux artistes de Montréal font de magnifiques images!
Other Discovered in Expozine: Sérigraphie Cinququatre. These two artists of Montreal make splendid images!

lundi 26 novembre 2007

Bridge motel fly away

Juste une image...
Just an image...


Return on Expozine 2007 / Retour sur l'Expozine 2007

Voici quelques livres trouvés en fin de semaine à l'Expozine à Montréal:
En haut à gauche /
YPF Yearbook 3, Collectif,
En haut à droite /
Morning Lost, Kim Kielhofner,,
En bas à gauche /
Late, Nicolas Temese,,
En bas au centre /
The GlassFrontier drawing 2007, Aaron McConomy,
En bas à droite /
Preface to something that may never exist, Nicolas Temese,

Here some books found this weekend at the Expozine in Montreal:
Top left/ YPF Yearbook 3,
Top right / Morning Lost, Kim Kielhofner,,
Bottom left / Late, Nicolas Temese,,
Bottom in the center / The GlassFrontier drawing 2007, Aaron McConomy,
Bottom right/ Preface to something that may never exist, Nicolas Temese,

J'ai fait de belles trouvailles. Beaucoup de bonnes B.D., de revues indépendantes, de petits livres abordables et des sérigraphies magnifique!
I made beautiful lucky finds. Many good Comics books, independent press, small accessible books and spendid serigraphies!

vendredi 23 novembre 2007

Tommy Perman

Tommy Perman, European exchange : Finnieston, Glasgow

Tommy Perman, aberdeen gallowgate 1

Tommy Perman, Satelite building, Sheffeild

Tommy Perman, Mono Culture, artist's book

Travail multidisciplinaire très intéressant!
Very interesting multidisciplinary work!

''I am an artist / designer / musician based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I work in the fields of visual art, graphic design, performance, installation, sound and music. I try to view all my creative output on the same level and a great deal of my work concerns the boundaries between the fine arts, design and music. My work often combines traditional methods with new digital technologies and I divide my time between solo and collaborative projects.

I am a member of the artist collective / band FOUND and run a small independent record label called Surface Pressure Records.''

Sources: It's nice that, SurfacePressure

jeudi 22 novembre 2007

David cousin-Marsy

David cousin-Marsy, Projet villes invisibles

David cousin-Marsy, Projet villes invisibles

David cousin-Marsy, Projet villes invisibles

David cousin-Marsy, Interstices et entre-deux

Belle recherche photographique. J'aime le regard!
Beautiful photographic search. I like the glance!

Son travail est exposé jusqu'au 25 novembre à l'espace Canopy, 19 rue Pajol dans le 18ème à Paris.


Pixelgarten, Hoehenluft, 2007 (Quelques vues de l'exposition / Some exhibition view)

Ces images me font penser à l'hiver ( il neige au Québec ).
These images make me think of the winter (it snows in Quebec)

''Pixelgarten are Adrian Nießler and Catrin Altenbrandt. We are based in Frankfurt am Main/Germany.Our work includes art projects as well as design, typography and illustration. A lot of our projects are somewhere inbetween art and design.''

Sources: Fffound, Pixelgarten

IJM Studio

Chinese spring, IJM, Jossy Albertus

Chinese spring, IJM, Jossy Albertus
Spring is the..., IJM, Photos Karin Nussbaumer

Cinema Oriental, IJM, Photos Karin Nussbaumer

Cinema Oriental, IJM, Photos Karin Nussbaumer

J'aime les photographies de ce studio de design. Des histoires racontés par l'image.
I like the photographs of this design studio. Stories told by the image.

Sources: Galet&Galette, IJM Studio

mercredi 21 novembre 2007

Matthew Picton

Matthew Picton, Amsterdam, 2007

Matthew Picton, Baghdad 1944-2007, 2007

Matthew Picton, Milan 1832-2007, 2007

Matthew Picton, The Ganges (detail), 2007

Superposition de modificatons d'un lieu par la cartographie, j'aime l'idée.
Superposition of modificatons of a place by the cartography, I like the idea.

"Cartography has long played a central role in my work, featuring prominently in the cracked parking lot drawings and sculptures and the ocean floor sculptures. These new sculptures transform the two dimensional mapped image into multi-layered sculptures of the communication, transportation and river systems that comprise the current city. The “map” has been animated and transformed, the natural abstraction of the map extended into a work of art that is at once abstract and tangibly real in the same moment." Matthew Picton, September, 2007

Sources: Dear Ada, Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery