mercredi 30 avril 2008

Tim Knowles

Tim Knowles, Windwalk #1, 10.08.07

Tim Knowles, Windwalk #1, 10.08.07, The final work is comprised of the GPS plot as a 4metre long graphite wall drawing, a video of the walk [see stills above], a C-type print, an inkjet printed text, and the windvane.

Tim Knowles, Windwalk #1, 10.08.07, Installation view 5m x 2m, Graphite on walk, C-type print, Inkjet print, DVD & miniature monitor and mixed media object.

Tim Knowles, Windwalk #1, 10.08.07, GPS Plot of Windwalk #1

Tim Knowles,, Tree drawings '' 4 panael Weeping Wellow, 2006, Ink on paper on panel [archival quality] plus projected 6 min looped DVD, 4800 x 2200mm + projection [size variable]

Tim Knowles,, Tree drawings '' 4 panael Weeping Wellow, 2006, 50 pens suspened from the branches of a Weeping Willow tree create a drawing on 4 panels placed horizontally beneath the tree. The drawing is accompanied by a looped video of its production.

Dessins de la nature. Belle réflexion.
Nature drawing. Beautiful reflexion.

Sources: Vvork, WebUrbanist, Tim Knowles

lundi 21 avril 2008

Kumiko Inui

Fenêtres sur le ciel. Magnifique!
Windows on the sky. Splendid!

Sources: Details, Cube me, Architecture record

samedi 19 avril 2008

Robbie Rowlands

Robbie Rowlands, The Upholsterer, 2008

L'espace courbe.
Curved space.

Sources: Wooster collective, The Upholsterer, Depot, Robbie Rowlands

Jiyeon Song

Jiyeon Song, Experimental typography, one day poem pavillion

Poèmes de lumière... Voir le vidéo ici.
Poems of light... See the video here.

Sources: It's nice that, Monster-Munch

Hong-sung Do

Hong-sung Do, Tourism, plexiglass, aluminium, photo, 2006

Hong-sung Do, Tourism, plexiglass, aluminium, photo, 2006

Encadrer le paysage.
To frame the landscape.

Sources: I heart photograph, Canevas international art

Andrea Cochran

Jardins de lignes...
Gardens of lines...

Sources: Wrong Distance, Andrea Cochran

lundi 14 avril 2008

Daniel Tierney

Daniel Tierney, Wow bob wow, acrylic ink, oil, pastel and pigment print on paper, 2006

Daniel Tierney, Those rich bastards sure can set a trap, archival tape on lambda photo, 2007

Daniel Tierney, Balls, archival tape on lambda photo, 2006

Daniel Tierney, SF arts commission, acrylique on paper and spraypaint, 2007

L'invention de l'espace...
The invention of space...

Sources: Daniel Tierney, Moon River

Bibliothèque abandonnée / Abandoned library

Une image marquante pour les amoureux du livre!
Voir plus d'images ici...
See more images here...

Source: Fffound

samedi 12 avril 2008

Kader Attia

Kader Attia, Square dream

Juste une image...
Just an image...

Source: Today and Tomorrow

lundi 7 avril 2008

Michal Budny

Michal Budny, Crumpled Letters, 2003

Michal Budny, Rain, 2004

Michal Budny, Air, 2003

Formes et fragments...
Forms and fragments...

''Michal Budny creates sophisticated, meticulous, reconstructions of objects and shapes taken from the immediate contemporary environment (postcards, advertisements, mobile phones, CD players etc.). Small, light objects made of cardboard and other kinds of paper, which is often yellowed with age, are strikingly noble and reserved in their nearly abstract form. It seems that we are dealing with timeless models of things, devoid of utility value that become the quintessence of form and time accumulated. In his recent works, Michal tries to cut out and glue together natural phenomena, which do not have a specific physical form, such as voice, rain or fog.''

Sources: Raster Gallery, Today and Tomorrow

Julius Popp

Fontaine de mots...
Fountain of words...

Source: Une brique rose de plus