samedi 16 juillet 2011


 Chifumi, Clichy sous bois

 Chifumi, Haute Pierre / Strasbourg

Chifumi, Fleury Merogis

 Chifumi, Neuhof / Strasbourg

 Chifumi, Les Coteaux / Mulhouse

Structures dans le bois.
Structures in the wood.

Sources : Rebel Art, Chifumi

Justine Blau

Justine Blau, Somewhere Else, installation, ink-jet prints, polystyrene, staples, pins, 2008

Justine Blau, The circumference of the cumanan cactus, Photography (Series of 9), 2010

Paysages de papier.
Paper landscapes.

Sources : Antitect, Justine Blau

Mitra Fabian

Mitra Fabian, Antistatic, plastic rods, acrylic cement, 2010

Mitra Fabian, B9, pipette tips, acrylic sheet, 2010

Mitra Fabian, Ventilate I, window blinds, glue, 2007

Structure en croissance.
Growing structure.

Sources : Craftzine, Mitra Fabian

vendredi 1 juillet 2011

Robbie Rowlands

 Robbie Rowlands, Only 30 Detroit, 2010

 Robbie Rowlands, The Offering Hall Cut, 2009, Photograph - Wren

 Robbie Rowlands, The Upholsterer - Lounge, 2009, Photograph - Hilton Stone

Déformations et transformations.
Deformations and transformations.

Sources : Rebel Art, Robbie Rowlands

Akio Hirata’s Exhibition of Hats by Nendo

Akio Hirata’s Exhibition of Hats by Nendo, 2011


Sources : Contemporist, Nendo

Keith Lemley

 Keith Lemley, Something and Nothing

 Keith Lemley, Something and Nothing

Keith Lemley, Something and Nothing

Keith Lemley, The wood

Fiction lumineuse.
Luminous fiction.

Sources : \\\, Keith Lemley